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Who we are

Dear friends,

We are a group of people who live in the world of sports betting.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, having built and run our own sports betting, livescore, tipping and statistics related websites and having participated in numerous others, we decided to create something innovative for our audience in every corner of the planet.

The task to avoid developing something trivial was not an easy one and the fact remains that the final product has undergone vast changes during its development cycle which started about 2 years ago.

Finally, knowing the way punters think we managed to draw a final plan and create something unique.

Why should someone opt to use and to whom it is addressed

We should start by saying that is a betting software with multiple functions and not just another betting website.

  1. It is addressed to the everyday sports gambler who wants to stay informed and get ideas and tips from fellow gamblers and tipsters who upload their picks on
  2. Why make your own page: This option is suited for those of us who want to have a neat web page that will include everything we want in terms of betting statistics so we can keep track of our game and draw useful conclusions from statistical analyses of our betting options as well as showcase our game to others.

    BEWARE! This is not an informal tipping competition, but rather a place where everyone works for himself and could potentially make his/her web page ( known to the world via social media (Facebook, Twitter etc), word of mouth and search results from within our website.

    In short, if someone has the passion to present their betting picks via their Facebook page, or their blog etc, they can do so in a much better way on their mybanka page, where stats are produced automatically and followers can have a clearer and more “professional” view of their game.

    And when we say “professional”, we mean professional, since you will be able to offer your visitors features that would cost greatly for any individual to bear. For example:
    1. Daily editorial
    2. A vast selection of games to chose from
    3. Option to comment on each of your picks
    4. Automatic odds from a selection of bookmakers
    5. Unlimited number of picks each day with option for doubles, triples and any other way you want to bet
    6. Real time update of your picks
    7. Livescores
    8. League stats
    9. Market trends via Betfair’s exchange volumes
    10. Odds comparison
    11. Complete and transparent bank statistics for your game (if you are good at what you offer you have nothing to hide)

Moreover, as website owners, we have received numerous emails in the past from people who want to work as tipsters. The truth is that without some serious work experience in the field it’s difficult to be hired for such a position. Signing up at, will give you the opportunity to create a rich CV that will reflect your ability in sports betting so you can later on send your page url to any potential employer and showcase your work!

  1. Why make a private page: this option is addressed to the methodical players who want to keep track of their game. They will be able to see the amount of money they play, whether they are winning or losing, which leagues suit them most and have a complete view of all bets they have ever made.

    The word “methodical” here is the key, as our view is that only those players will not consider updating their mybanka account with their bets a waste of time.

    It goes without saying, that even someone who does not risk with real money can sign up and measure their ability.
  2. Premium account: This final option is meant for those who know they have a large audience behind them and are looking to capitalize on that. For a very small fee of €59 per month paid via Paypal, premium users have the option to manage their own banners on their page, strike deals with bookmakers and keep the profit all for themselves.

    This, of course, can happen at any time after you have opened your account by simply upgrading to premium.

    The €59 amount is way too small compared to what the page offers but our moto is that “consumption brings profit”.

    To get a clearer view of the costs, here is what it would take to create your own professional website offering visitors what offers:
    1. Website hosting and technical support
    2. Website development and support
    3. Livescore service
    4. Statistics
    5. Odds comparison
    6. Betfair’s API

This would bring your total to more than €3000 per month so you can still get to have your own page for a fraction of that price!

  1. Why is this site free: the truth is that running a website like is really costly, but we are certain of what we offer and we know that there is nothing similar globally!

    Being frank as always, we believe that everyone realizes that without sponsors and signups from visitors this website cannot be maintained.

    Having the certainty that we offer is truly valuable and unique, we expect that you, the visitors, will support this effort by signing up for a betting account via the banners on this website.

    It also goes without saying that should you like, we expect that you will share its existence with your friends so that it will get the dynamics it needs to remain free for all!

Best regards team

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